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    • Everland

      The largest amusement park in Korea with various events throughout the year. The part offers a variety of events, festivals, and attractions for each season, making it an all-year-round leisure facility.

      Tel. : 031-320-5000

    • Korean Folk Village

      An internationally renowned tourist destinations for the international tourists and Koreans alike that will bring back memories of the good old days for the grown-ups and the wisdom of our ancestors to the children and the young generation.

      Tel. : 031-288-0000

    • Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest

      Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest is the place of rest and recreation with a variety of amenities and serene beauty of the nature, which will heal the exhausted minds and body of the people of the modern society and let them enjoy the splendid scent and breathtaking scenery of the nature.

    • Agricultural Theme Park

      A refreshing place for recreation and valuable opportunity to experience the life in the country, which is now beyond the grasp of the people who live in the city, eventually contributing to enhancement of the quality of life and endowment of peace of mind.

      Tel. : 031-324-4053

    • Hantaek Botanic Garden

      Hantaek Botanic Garden is a place first-hand of learning, exhibition, and educational events with a variety of botanic species, while the facility is also used for the mass-reproduction of endangered plants, rehabilitation of the habitats, development of new species, and making flower gardens with Korea’s native flowers.

      Tel. : 031-333-3558

    • Nam joon Paik Art Center

      With a spirit of nomad and tolerance, Nam joon Paik Art Center is a place where you can develop your advanced sense of artistic values while embracing the established views of the world.

      Tel. : 031-201-8500

    • Gyeonggi Children’s Museum

      The first museum in Korea which was built in a separate building of its own, where the visiting children may interact with the exhibitions to learn and develop knowledge while having fun.

      Tel. : 031-270-8600

    • MBC Dramia

      This is not a one-shot movie set that is ripped off after the shoot. MBC Dramia is full of life-like replica of buildings and living spaces dating back to the Three Kingdoms, making a lasting attraction for the visiting tourists.