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It is the ultimate fun and thrill of your life time that the forest gives you.

Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest, where Yoingin ZipLine is located, is situated in the south of Mr. Jeonggwang, which is 562m in height above the sea level and commands a superb view over the beautiful mountain. In addition to the exciting Zipline, the facility also has walk trails in the refreshing woods and other amenities such as the children’s playground, etc. It is truly a playground in the wood, both for the children and the grownups due to its proximity to the downtown area.

The 6 Zipline courses stretching over a distance of 1246m above the playground in the wood are designed to travel through the dense forest. Therefore, the visitors to Yoingin Zipline can enjoy not only the thrilling excitement of zipping through the woods but also the refreshing scent of the forest.