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  • I would like to learn about the discount benefits that come with the membership grades.

    Zipline Korea provides different discount benefits.
    The membership grades available are normal, zippy silver, zippy gold, and zippy master grades. Normally, all members who sign up with our website become a normal member. And, a single ride in the site will upgrade you to a silver member.

  • The discounts available for members are as follows
    Zippy Silver - 10% discounts for the individual member and up to 4 others in company.
    Zippy Gold - 20% discounts for the member and up to 4 others in company.
    Zippy Master - Free for the member and 10% discount for up to 3 others in company.
  • I want to make a group reservation but the number of people in the group is limited to 10.
    The maximum number of the team is limited to 10, since there are safety issues if the number of people who try to use the lines are too many at the same time.
    For this reason, we limited the number of people in a team to 10. If you have more members in the group, you may split them into groups of 10, or you can contact us at our customer center by dialing 1588-5219.
  • I made a reservation, but I want to cancel it and get a refund.
    Zipline is operated in accordance with the reserved schedules during limited amounts of time. Therefore, in order to prevent losses due to cancellations in the last minute, we had to establish rules for reservations and refunds as follows
    단체할인 Table
    Days before
    reserved schedule
    before 6days before 5days before 4days before 3days
    Refunded amount refund 100% refund 50% refund 30% No refund
    • -  Please remember that you need to show up by 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
         Please remember that you cannot get refunds if you showed up late.

    • - 100% refund provided in case the line cannot be operated due to bad weather (thunder storms, heavy rain, or other natural disasters.)