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    • Couple Course   Zipline + Railway Bicycles + Walk along the trails of Mungyeongsaejae / Coal Museum + Mungyeong Tourist Hotel / STX Resort

      After experiencing Zipline while crying out “I love you~” as you call out the name of your loved one, you can try the railway bicycle with your lover to make a romantic mood. Then, the course includes a walk along the beautiful Mungyeongsaejae. When you want to take a rest while feeling the atmosphere of Mungyeongsaejae, we recommend Mungyeong Tourist Hotel. If you want to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Ssangyong valley in a high-class, European styled resort, we recommend STX Resort

    • Family Course (3 to 4 members)   Zipline + Railway Bicycle + Walking along the Mungyeongsaejae / Coal Museum + Mungyeong Tourist Hotel / STX Resort

      사랑스런 아이들과 함께 짚라인을 신나게 즐긴 후 철로자전거를 탑승합니다.
      철로자전거로진남교반의 아름다움을 감상 하시고 나서 가족과 함께 오붓한 산책을 원하시면 문경새재 트래킹을, 아이들의 교육적 체험을 원하시면 석탄박물관을 선택 하시는 것이 좋습니다. 이후 숙박은 문경새재의 정취가 물씬 풍기는 문경관광호텔이나 고급스런 유럽풍의 STX리조트에서 편안하게 휴식을 취하신다면 모처럼만의 즐거운 여행이 되실 수 있습니다.

    • Group or Small Workshop Course    Zipline + Railway Bicycle + Rafting / ATV + House in the Wood / Sungbo Art Village

      This course is recommended to hobby communities of 10 to 20 members.
      With your members, enjoy Zipline and the railway bicycle to watch the beautiful scenery of Jinnamgyoban. Then, enjoy exciting rafting or AVT, with a full flavor of off-road. You can choose Sungbo Art Village or the House in the Wood for accommodation to enjoy barbeque.

    • Larger Group (Association and corporate workshops)   Zipline + Railway Bicycles + Survival / Pottery Museum + Juvenile Training Center / STX Resort

      This program is recommended to teenager groups and corporate workshop customers.
      By having the teenagers ride Zipline, you can develop their self confidence and the spirit of adventure. Also, for the employees of corporations, it is possible to develop leadership and the sense of cooperation. After that, have them use the railway bicycles. For the vents that comes next, the corporate employees may be put to survival games, while the teenagers are recommended to be sent to the educational programs in the Pottery Museum. For accommodations, you may either use the Juvenile Training Center or the STX Resort to make it a fine workshop or training outing.