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    • Mungyeong Restaurant

      Located within Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park, its main menus include Pepper Sauce grilled meat. By grilling the specialty product of the area, Yakdol pork, the grease is removed to remove the oily taste, with the first-class, simple taste. Also, the mixed rice using the mountain herbs nearby is also another menu you must try.

      TEL. : 054-571-3044

    • Gipeun Sansok Hwarogui

      Located at the entrance of Mungyeongsaejae, the restaurant's main menu is the meat using oak charcoal. The meet is gummy and clear of the unique smell of pork. Also, the active carbon and the scent of medicinal herbs are blended to make a fantastic taste.

      TEL. : 054-571-7978