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    • Mungyeong STX Resort

      Mungyeong STX Resort, which breathes with the Nature, is a modern resort that opened in December 2008. The resort has Spa Santorini, where customers may enjoy spa in the view of the famous mountains, as well as deluxe rooms and suites where gentle breeze comes in and out. Taste a true rest in this European-styled high class resort.

      TEL. : 054-460-5000

    • Mungyeong Tourist Hotel

      Mungyeong Tourist Hotel, which is located within Mungyeong Provincial Park is a hotel in the Nature where you can taste the atmosphere of Mt. Juheul, which is the main mount of Mungyeong and the old trails of Mungyeongsaejae. The hotel has Korean-styled as well as Western-styled rooms. This Grade 1 tourist hotel is also equipped with Korean restaurants, ball rooms, coffee shops, and Karaokes.

      TEL. : 054-571-8001

    • Sungbo Art Village

      The facility is equipped with various types of rooms, in accordance with the demands from the families, including 2 to 4 bed rooms, rooms for 8, 15, and 25 occupants for group guests, and a training center. The lovely gathering of the pensions and the training center on the green grass will give you a unique memory.

      TEL. : 054-555-0001

    • House in the Wood

      In Booljeong Recreational Forest where Zipline Mungyeong is located, there is the House in the Wood which is built using logs. The house is equipped with barbeque equipments and other amenities and various rooms to accommodate a variety of guests in couples, families, and groups. Enjoy more of the fund of Zipline with the House in the Wood that comes in various sizes.

      TEL. : 054-552-9443

    • Mungyeongsaejae Youth-hostel

      As a designated juvenile training facility by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it makes a fine home for trainees with various training programs and the accommodation facility that can serve up to 540 guests. Also, the facility has sleigh courses, footsal ground, outdoor training grounds, and forest bathing course to allow a variety of experiential activities.

      TEL. : 054-571-5533

    • Hansung Training Center

      Hansung Training Center was built by remodeling an abandoned school (formerly Seosung Elementary School) in Hanaeri, Mungyeong-si. In this facility, the guests may enjoy fresh air and beautiful nature for refreshment from the exhausting daily lives. In the clean nature, train your body and mind and learn a few things and more by attending the traditional tea event or Surveying Museum.

      TEL. : 054-571-2244

    • A View of the River

      One of the representative pensions in Mungyeong. When you open the window in the morning, you will see the sparking Young River at a glance. There is a wide lawn between the pension and the road, where you can eat the local specialty, Yakdol Pork Babeque. Also, the hills with pine trees that are three hundred years old cast a shadow, endowing relaxation to all visitors.

      TEL. : 011-544-3375

    • Idoon Pension

      The name Idoon came from the Goddess of Creation in the Northern European Mythology. Idoon was a goddess of richness with beautiful, white arms. Her name also bears the meaning of some who is dearly loved. She was the wife of Bragi, who was the god of speech and poetry and was in charge of caring for and distribution the Golden Apple in Asgard, home of the Gods. For this reason, Idoon Pension bears the wish that the exhausted people of the modern time may escape from it all and regain their energy in this pension, be it for one night only in a year.

      TEL. : 010-6288-6081

    • Garden of Gaeun

      Garden of Gaeun is located at the root of Mt. Galmi. 30m below the restaurant runs Youngangcheon, a water streak, where a lot of Semisulcospira bensoni PHILIPPI l and fish lives. In the gardens, they grow various vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces, and Crown Daisy. The charcoal used for barbecues is made from apple tree and pear tree, which will allow you to taste the best barbecue. Also, the restaurant grows its own Korean Specialty hens and sells Korean Specialty hens dishes. We will provide comfort to visitors to Gaeun, so that they can visit again.

      TEL. : 054-571-5689

    • Yein and Shuimteo

      Yein and Shuimteo is not an inn, motel, hotel, lodging house, or a pub. It is a beneficial place of rest where the exhausted minds and souls of travelers may refresh and think. It would be our greatest joy if this place can become the place of joy as the guests discover another self inside them and something they could not find inside before, while they feel that art is close to us. What is art? The owner of this place wishes the art is something not difficult for the common folks, making them comfortable, and allowing them to realize it is the small vibration in the mind that can make you happier, instead of the massive impressions.

      TEL. : 010-6211-4683

    • Wongol Village Pension

      Wongol Village is a beautiful place where a lot of flowers blossom in spring, the cool water in the valley quenches the heat in the mountains, and the scenery is beautiful in autumn leaves and winter snow. Located near Jinnamgyoban, which is one of the 8 beauties of Gyoungbuk, this pension is located within 15 minutes from all tourist destinations and amenities. We invite you to this, home-like place, with cozy rooms and generous minds that is entangled with the nature.

      TEL. : 054-553-8012