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    • Rafting

      Enjoy rafting in Young River, which runs across the clean nature of Mungyeong. Feel the excitement to blow away your stress from the city life and fee the beautify of Jinnamgyoban, which is the first of the 8 beauties of Kyoungbuk. As you row your boat with your team mates, you will have a sense of achievement and bondage that are strong.

      TEL. : 054-554-9790

    • ATV

      ATVs were developed for agricultural purposes at first, but now they are used for recreational purposes. With simple trailing and safety gears, everyone can travel over gravel, sands, or even small mounds or pools as you have fun.

      TEL. : 054-572-1212

    • Water Bicycle

      Experience the extraordinary by pedaling in the water. Two passengers ride together and you can cross the river with simple pedaling. There are life guards to protect you just in case, so don’t worry and enjoy the cool breeze in the river.

      TEL. : 017-423-2022

    • Cart Land

      Carts are miniature racing vehicles that resemble Formula racing. They are also the entry course for all would –be racers. The biggest merit of cart is the sense of speed. At a level very close to the ground, you will travel at 60km to 70km, which will give a treat of excitement to your friends or loved ones.

      TEL. : 054-572-1212

    • Mungyeong Horseland

      Mungyeong Horseland is endeavoring to promote the horse riding experience among the general public. Also, we lend our horses for movie, drama, or historical TV shows. We have the highest quality riding coaches and hours, providing unique opportunities to our visitors in which they can ride along the river banks.

      TEL. : 054-552-9991

    • Mungyeong General Hot Spring

      Mungyeong General Hot Spring is a large scaled, modern general spa which can accommodate up to 2,500 customers. It provides the carbonated hot spring water from the granite and lime layers and the alkali hot springs from 750m deep inside the granite layer. The customers can pay once and enjoy two different kinds of hot springs, making it the only compound hot springs in the country.

      TEL. : 054-571-2002

    • Railway Bicycles

      The trolleys used to transport coal 2 decades ago are now reborn as the railway bicycles. As the first among its kind in Korea, a family of 4 can ride the same bicycle as they feel the cool breeze and beautiful scenery of Young River.

      TEL. : Jinnam : 054-553-8300 / Gaeun : 054-571-4200

    • Mungyeong Tourist Shooting Range

      You can experience the special sports of shooting. Mungyeong Tourist Shooting Range is one of the few clay shooting range, along with the shooting ranges for handguns and air guns. The facilities are operated in a way that even the novices may have fun.

      TEL. : 054-553-0001

    • Mungyeong Gliding Land

      From the taking-off ground, you take a view of the entire Mungyeong-eup. The topology is in a basin, the rising air current forms a good condition for gliding. Also, the wind direction is stably maintained from West and North. The view is also breathtaking as the taking-off ground is surrounded by many of the famous mountains of Baekdoodaegan, such as Mt. Juheul, Mt. Joryoung, Mt. Poam, Mt. Dami, and Mt. Baekhwa.

      TEL. : 054-571-4675