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    • Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park

      Saejae, which is on the top of Joryoung of Baekdoodaegan,is one of the most
      reprehensive tourist destinations in the county.
      Moonkoungsaejae is composed of three gates. From the entrance to the second gate,
      Jogokgwan, the dirt trail is mildly sloped, so that you can take a walk without wearing shoes. The distance from the first gate to the third gate is 6.5km, making a 4-hour’s walk back
      and forth.

    • Set for King Saejong

      The set was used as the setting for the KBS TV show, King Saejong. The facility was built by the support from the city government, after demolishing the existing set Corea dynasty and rebuilding a Chosun dynasty set, which was completed on April 16, 2008. The construction cost 7.5 billion won, and the size of the area is 70,000 py. In the set, there are replicas of famous historical buildings such as Gwangwhamun, gyoungbokgoong, Donggoong, Gwolnaegaksa, and a noble house, totaling to 103 buildings. IN addition to the existing buildings of common folks (22) and tile-roofed houses (5,) the total number of houses in the facility is 130.

    • Yeongaesomoon Set

      The set for the TV show, Yeongaesomoon is affiliated to the Coal museum nearby, which is connected through monorail. The fare for admission coverts both the set and the museum. However, you need to pay separately for the monorail ride.

    • Coal Museum

      The Coal Museum was built in commemoration of the coal industry and the industrial warriors who played a crucial role in the development of national economy. The coal museum has 787 mineral samples and 4571 items in display, including equipment used in mines. In the Mine Exhibition Hall, which is the only exhibition hall in Korea built using an actual mine (230m) shows the life of miners vividly.

      Tel. : 054-550-6424

    • Mungyeong Pottery Museum

      In Mungyeong Pottery Museum, you can learn how potteries are made ad what the history of pottery is like. Also, the museum has tea bowls and crude bowls made by pottery artists, and you can have opportunities to make your own pottery by drawing your pictures or patterns before they are baked in the oven. Also, you can try out the traditional teach ceremonies in weekends.

    • Mungyeong Natural Park

      This natural park was build in order to preserve the ecological resources of the area. In this Mecca of ecological tourism, you will find exhibition halls, open Natural Ecological Park, Nature Observation Area along the old trails of Mungyeongsaejae, and the wild flower garden.

      Tel. : 054-550-6194