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Spring : The fresh green of new lives in the spring greets the newly blossoming flowers in mountains and hills. Enjoy the beautiful spring of Mt. Booljeong on your Zipline and feel the excitement of rebirth!

Summer : The hot summer with sizzling sunshine doses not prevent you from enjoying the excitement, fly over the thick green canopy of the forest of the summer season and experience the thrilling stunts of Tarzan himself!

Autumn : Its red and yellow everywhere you look. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mt. Booljeong in fall and fly like a bird in the clear autumn sky, which is only available with Zipline.

Winter : No matter how cold it gets, we are not afraid! Experience the special winter moment over the spectacular scenery of mountain in white snow, which no other leisure program but Zipline can deliver!

However, when there is as thunder storm, a thunderbolt may fall onto the wire. For the safety of the customers,
therefore, we cease the operation of the Zipline under
such weather conditions.

Unless the sky rumbles and flashes, you can always use the Zipline safety and do not have to worry at all as you visit us to enjoy the ride.