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CEO's Greeting

Feeling like being Jonathan Livingston Seagull yourself.

Maui, the second largest island of Hawaii,

where I experienced zip lining for the first time in my life over the vast ocean and between only the earth and the heaven,
the thrill and excitement I felt were accompanied by a single I idea that was forming in my mind.

Wow, this is awesome! I wish my family was with me here to enjoy this~

Then, I began to imagine other people I knew, who would also have
fun riding the Zipline. This imagination developed into a wish to make such a facility where children and senior citizens may enjoy together and make it in Korea.

The ERi type Zipline that I came across as I was preparing for the
Zipline business was also a spectacular experience.
ERi zip rider was nothing like being cramped in small seats of amusement park rides, such as a roller coaster or a Viking. The thrill and enjoyment was of a different level, and it felt like being a seagull, soaring Jonathan Livingston himself, when I zipped through at a speed of 90km per hour.

When I finally got the license, we still had to go through a lot of
trials and errors before the wish of me and my friends came true.

Now, after finishing all preparations, and as we proudly present ERi type Zipline in Korea for the first time, I can clearly visualize the people who can fly freely in the sky with our Zipline.

The Zipline, and ERi type zip line are the kind of rides you see everywhere else. It will give hope and dream to the growing teenagers and become the wings to allow the grownups to feel the nostalgia of Peter Pan.

(주)짚라인코리아 대표이사 정원규