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Normal Type Zipline is composed of wires that are installed over a valley, on which the users zip through almost horizontally.

The installations’ flight distance is minimum 50m and up to 400m and 7 to 10 courses such as this are installed to compose a program.
ERi (Experiential Resources, Inc.)

ERI is a company that is specialized in installing, inspecting, training,
and consulting
on Zipline/challenge course facilities. It is a Professional
Vendor Member (Level 3) of ACCT and the head of the “Zipline & Canopy Tour Committee.”

The company has been installing more than 110 Zipline courses, including the one within Kapular Reports. Along with S.T.E.S & Bonsai Designs, U.S.A., ERI is one of the two major companies in the global market, dividing the markets in two turfs.

ERi type Zipline are installed in such environments where the drop is significant, like a cliff. And, the line they install is composed of methods that travel at a high speed, up to 90km per hour.

The flight distance can be from 200m minimum to 1,500m maximum. Depending on the topology, a course may be composed of 1 to 4 separate lines that start at the same time.

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